Roulette Records is a dedicated artists support and management company.  The organisation has been in existence since November 2016. The core objective for the company is focused on collaboration with artists and the creation of a bespoke partnership that ensures they (the artists) are given the best possible opportunities to deliver their artistic creations and achieve the next step (or steps) in their artistic development.

Typically Roulette Records sells Four main contract-based opportunities for artists:

  • Physical Media/Digital Media and Distribution
  • Gig/Event services
  • Full Band Management
  • Merchandise sales (online and offline)

Each deal is bespoke and delivers between 20% and 80% revenue splits to the artist (depending on artist agreements). Lower income revenues relate to minimal input from Roulette Team – e.g. online digi release. With larger revenue splits returning from fully managed projects and /or funded.

Roulette Media Ltd often fund projects on behalf of the artists. This is a long-term strategic position – allowing RM to retain the ownership of recordings and develop a roster asset base.

The Main Team consists of multiple music industry experts, with years of experience in their respective fields.

Vivanne Leonard – Acting MD and Head of A&R – is the ‘Face’ of the business. Viv has worked in the music industry for over 40 years and has huge experience working with artists.

Marc Carey – Acting CEO – a serial entrepreneur, producer and presenter – has over 30 years’ experience in media, music and business development. He is an award-winning business owner with a portfolio of businesses across several markets.

Kevin R Smith – Acting CFO/FD – Kevin’s business activities are built on many years’ experience but in two distinctive fields – SME Business Development primarily in the UK, and Macro Economic Government Advisory primarily in emerging economies.

He is a Published Author, Speaker, & BBC Radio contributor, and has written 3 books and many published articles/chapters on topics including developing M/SMEs, Fintech, finance, renewable energy, PPPs.

Adrian Clarke – Executive Director/Co-Owner and Founder of Evolution Music. With over 40 + years’ experience in marketing and business development. Adrian is a keen audiophile and has an exceptional network of contacts within the music production forums.

The broader team consists of junior employees, Subject Matter Experts, service delivery partners and an advisory board of experts.

Including partners from:

  • Russells Legal – one of the leading firms in the entertainment industry and particularly in relation to music. With over forty-five years in practice, their reputation has been built upon their professionalism and detailed knowledge of the markets in which they operate
  • Cargo Records – our global distribution partner for physical and digital media. One of the UK’s leading independent music distributors – with over 20 years’ experience


UYC Productions was created in 1996 as a direct response to the plethora of production companies emerging from the aftermath of deregulation in UK television – (which started in 1990 as part of the new Broadcasting Act implemented by the ITC (successor to IBA)).

Marc Carey (founder of UYC Productions) had worked as a writer, performer developing new concepts for terrestrial, satellite and cable television since the early ‘90s.

In addition, Marc had worked at WEA, in Warner Music HQ predominantly, but also at WEA subsidiary companies – East West Records, Elektra, Atlantic, Anxious and Chrysalis.

UYC created a very distinct brand of humour delivered via TV, radio and theatre. Part of the UYC brand included the development of ‘faux’ characters – illustrating life’s more extreme individuals.

In 2000 the company hosted its first major live event – “Up Your Chuff” – a sell-out LIVE production from ‘The Talk of London’ club at the New London Theatre in Drury Lane. This event marked the eventual departure of the early team and a new team developed and moved forward with ideas for film making. In early 2001 the team started to explore opportunities to create documentaries which led them to work with some incredible artists. From Pete Brown, Michael Horowitz, Spike Hawkins, to Man Parrish, 808 State, Greg Wilson and Morgan Khan.

In 2006 the production company became dormant for several years until 2012 when it was revived through the hugely successful award-winning radio show UYC Experience and the formation of Chuff Fest (an annual music event held over two days in East Kent).

The success of this vehicle allowed the team to develop new media links and a new venture was born.  Roulette Media. Combining Roulette Films, UYC Productions and a brand-new entity Roulette Records.

Over the six years that UYC has produced its radio show, it has supported over 450 bands. With live performances, exclusive plays, interviews plus several LIVE events including unique festivals. Many of the bands are unsigned and this factor led the team to consider developing the proposition for Roulette Records – with many artists indicating a real desire to work with the UYC/Roulette team.

From a sizable list of potential artists, the Roulette team devised a roster of 10No. ‘Prospect’ artists and 10No. ‘Suspect’ artists – leaving the remainder as future options.


Roulette Records ethos is at the heart of everything we do –  (mirroring the permaculture ethos[1]):

  • People Care – Putting people first. People before profit. Creating value ‘through’ people not ‘using’ people.
  • Earth Care – Products and services that do no harm to the planet. Provision for all life systems to remain sustainable.
  • Fair Share – an equitable model that aims to create and distribute resources fairly amongst people, including creating provision for future generations.

[1] https://knowledgebase.permaculture.org.uk/ethics

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